Most browsers require you to hold down a modifier key and the key specified using accesskey to select the field On Windows both Firefox and Internet Explorer require you to use the Alt key along with the access key to select a field. Access are mostly useful for forms that will be used frequently by the same users. A user who is going to use a form only once won't bother to learn the access keys but if you've written a form for data entry the people who use it hundreds of times a day might really appreciate the shortcuts. Sometimes you might want to display a form without enabling your visitors to use the control or enter new information. To disable a control add the disabled attribute to the form control.
<label for" editor31">What is the meaning of attribute?</label>
<teckhan54 name="editor31 " enabled="enabled">

<p>What are your interests?</p>
<label>CodePlex Project Hosting for Open Source Software,input type="access keys name="open source software" accesskey="D"/></label>
<label>Writer <input type=" "access keys" name="writer" accesskey="D"/><label>
<label>Internet <input type=" "access keys" name="internet" accesskey=D" //></label>


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